Reiki treatments can be received either in-person or at-a-distance.

Reiki Treatments


My Reiki treatment room is in my house, so you’ll come to my house. You will lay down fully clothed on my treatment table and I’ll administer Reiki to you through a series of hand positions. Reiki can be given either by me directly laying my hands on you or by me holding my hands above your body. Reiki is not massage, so even with a hands-on treatment, you’ll only feel the light pressure of my hands lightly resting on your body.


Reiki treatments can be sent to anybody anywhere in the world and produce the same results as an in-person treatment. If you schedule a distance treatment, we will set a time just as we would if you were to schedule an in-person treatment and ideally, at that time, you would be able to either sit or lay down in a quiet darkened room where you won’t be disturbed, so you can get the most out of your distance Reiki treatment. If you would like, we can conduct this session over Zoom so we can discuss your concerns beforehand and then after the treatment, we can discuss anything that came up during the session before we say goodbye.

Session Prices:

                30-minutes: $45

                60-minutes: $80

Intuitive Energy Work Sessions

As a trained and certified Reiki master and intuitive, I will use my intuitive skills and abilities to tune into your energy field before your session, meditate on your energy with your angels, guides, and higher self, and take notes about what I discover. This may include:

  • information about your chakras and any blockages or imbalances that may exist
  • feelings and sensations I experience in your body and what they mean
  • messages from your chakra centers
  • guidance about what you can do to bring about your own healing
  • oracle cards to provide further insight and inspiration
  • channeled messages from your angels, guides, and higher self

During your session, I will read through my notes and go through what I’ve learned and offer any practical steps you can take to maintain your energetic balance. Sometimes, a session will include a guided meditation or the teaching of an energy hygiene exercise for you to do to assist you on your healing journey. Then, I will utilize Reiki as well as my own healing techniques to address any and all areas of your physical and energetic body that require attention. If guided, your session may also include verbally channeled messages from your team in Spirit.

If you have particular areas or issues of concern or questions, please let me know at the time of your booking so I may take these into session with Spirit for you before your appointment.

All intuitive energy work sessions will be held via Zoom, and they will be recorded. Afterward, I will send you a time-sensitive link from which you can download the session to your computer so you can review and repeat the session as often as you like.

These sessions are dynamic and powerful and guided by Spirit.

Session Prices:

30-minute session: $60

60-minute session: $111

90-minute session: $170

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Animal Reiki

I grew up on a farm, so I’ve been around and loved animals my whole life. Some of my best friends are and have been animals and it’s important to me to help them in any way that I can. Animals are very sensitive to energy and are often receptive to energy healing once they’ve been introduced to it; they tend to absorb Reiki faster than people do, so most of the time, animal Reiki sessions take less time. The length of an animal Reiki session is determined by the animal, and I respect their free will. If you are local, I can come to your house to treat the animal in person in its own environment, or I can send your animal’s treatment distantly, just as I do for people who aren’t local.

Since animal Reiki sessions are determined by the animal, I charge a flat fee rather than by time.

Animal Reiki Session: $45

Our cat Smokey
Our cat Buddha

Space Clearing/Spiritual and Energetic House Cleansing

As we live and work in our homes and businesses, they collect energy, good and bad. Have you ever walked into a room and known right away there had recently been a fight in that room? Over time, the energy of a space can begin to affect the people and animals who live there. If people and pets in your house aren’t getting along as well as they used to, if your kids and pets have begun exhibiting atypical behavioral problems, if someone has had a long illness in your house, or if you just don’t feel comfortable in your home or business, it might be time for a spiritual house cleansing/space clearing.

Another good time to spiritually and energetically cleanse your home or business is if you are moving. If you are moving out of your house, it might be nice to have your house cleansed so that when people come to tour your house, the energy they feel is positive and clear. If you are moving into a new house, it might be a good idea to have your new house cleansed before you move in, so that you can start off your life in your new house with a clean slate and no one else’s energy.

I use a variety of techniques to methodically move through your entire house or business to clear any stuck, stagnant, or negative energy and infuse it with positive, high vibrational energy. I invoke the aid of God, the archangels, and prayers to clear and lift the energy of the space; I burn a variety of plants and resins, including sage, cedar, sweetgrass, frankincense, myrrh, and palo santo to remove negative energy and infuse positive energy; I use sound and music calibrated to energy clearing frequencies to clear energy; I use Reiki to clear negative or discordant energy and I infuse healing Reiki energy into every space.

After I cleanse your home or business, you might feel like there’s more space; it might look brighter; you might feel lighter, happier, and more positive. Clear, positive, high-vibrational energy can increase harmony among those who live or work in the space.

Pricing: $150-250 (1-3 hours depending on size of home)

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